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Cordless Power Tools
Fastening House Atlantic > Blog > Recent > How ” Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Deep Cut Band Saw Kit” simplifies a job

How ” Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Deep Cut Band Saw Kit” simplifies a job

Fastening Atlantic Housing is your one shop stop solution for all your manufacturing and construction needs. Working with the best manufacturers in the country, FHA brings you the complete range of real tools and presents new categories of Milwaukee with its Power tools, Hand tools and Accessories.

Milwaukee has amassed a prestigious name in the manufacturing and construction industries in the country. Numerous powerhouses, manufacturing giants and even local manufacturers resort to the power tools and hand tools produced by Milwaukee to meet with the routine challenges on the field. Fastening House Atlantic is the only Industrial and Construction supplier in Helifax, Nova Scotia offers the largest variety of Milwaukee Power Tools under one roof at the  most competitive rate with a delivery all over Canada and USA.
Getting hands on reliable power tools is crucial. Milwaukee Power Tools are greatly favored because they greatly assist workers to save time, enhance productivity and simplify the work at field. They prove to be essential resources for professionals as well as DIY users for domestic use.
At the worksite, you must be prepared and equipped to encounter any challenges. Be it grinding through heavy metal, iron railings, strut sections, metal sheets; it all comes down to making a good, clean cut on the toughest of materials. While using a hacksaw can help you cut through your iron at work, it comes at the expense of hours of carefully placed long strokes that do not guarantee precision. Using a variety of different cutting tools and saws may get the job done, but cost you prolonged hours of labor and incompatibility with the project.
M18 FUEL™ Deep Cut Band Saw Kit is packed with best durability that all Milwaukee products accompany in them. This corded band saw promises twice the run time compared to any other cordless saw options in the market. With this portable band saw, you can attain the perfect and precise cut in the minimal record time with unbelievable ease.
About the product:
M18 FUEL™ Deep Cut Band Saw utilizes a POWERSTATE™ Brushless motor and Constant Power Technology™ and is designed to cut faster and with great precision than any corded band saws. This powerful Power Tool delivers great durability and protection from any drops or debris, equipped with Jobsite Armor Technology™. This power tool’s REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 Battery Technology delivers the twice the power and runtime with its superior built, electronic technicalities and offers greater usability per charge over the battery life than any lithium-ion battery that competitors have to offer. M18 FUEL™ Deep Cut Band Saw can be counted upon to simplify the toughest, most laborious tasks at work, providing optimized performance, an electronic clutch, and an overload protection. Other amazing features include;

1 Tool-free locking adjustable shoe
2 Hanging hook for easy storage in-between cuts
3 LED light to illuminate the cutting area
4 Balanced body design that allows comfortable usability

With the right power tools, the worker productivity can be significantly boosted and project objectives can be successfully met. At Milwaukee, you get nothing but Heavy Duty at the most affordable rates in the entire market.

Members of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia, Fastening House Atlantic has devoted nearly three decades of services, working with the most top-notch and reliable manufacturers to give you the best products at the most competitive rates. Working with more than 45 manufacturers, we are devoted to providing you the best services with the service warranty. Our services include inventory control system, site delivery, product training, tools repair and inspection and repair services.
Working with 45 leading manufacturers in the country to provide the best services with the service warranty. Our trusted manufactures include big names like Milwaukee, 3M, BBH, DeWalt, Caddy,  CadWeld and many more.  Our services at FHA include; Inventory Control System, Site Delivery, Inspection and Repair Services and Product Training.
Shop now to avail the best Milwaukee Power Tools at the most affordable rates.

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