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Cordless Power Tools
Fastening House Atlantic > Blog > Recent > HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR POWER TOOLS?


Taking care of your tools goes a long way in increasing their life and performance. Ensuring routine maintenance of the tools facilitates successful completion of onsite projects and home improvement. Compared to other tools, motor tool and power tools carry a more sophisticated design and are delicate in handling. Power tools are also difficult to maintain, therefore they demand additional care.
If you take care of your power tools, they will return the favor. Let’s have a look at some tips and suggestions to take care of your power tools:

1) Buying the right power tool

While purchasing any power tools for your construction projects or home improvement, ensure that you are buying the right power tool. Go for a power tool which offers versatility and durability. It is also advised that you fill out the warranty over purchase as it may turn out to be handy in the long run.

2) Cleaning and Maintaining the Power Tools

It is important to go through the user manual that come with your power tools before you use them. You may be very experienced, but there can be always something that’s new. Make sure that you do not let dirt or grime accumulate over your power tools overtime and clean them properly after each use. Lubricate your tools where required, which will keep the wear away. It is also important that you replace the worn out parts overtime. Always have a look at the power tool’s user manual’s section of “cleaning instructions” before you proceed.

3) Correct Storage of the Tools

Your power tools require a home for themselves. Sort out a decent place for storage for tools where they are safe from adverse weather conditions, dust and dirt. You can allot a shelf, a hanging rack, drawer or a tool box for the power tools, where they can be organized and kept safely when you are not using them. It is ideal to store them in the protective cases that came with them. Storing your power tools properly saves you from investing a good deal of time in cleaning them later.

4) Inspect for Wear or Damage

Carefully inspect and examine your power tools for any wear or damage every once in a while. The most easily damaged part of the power tools is the power cords, so you must give attention to that area. If your power tools have any frayed insulation, broken wires, make sure to get the repaired immediately by a professional’s. Exposed wires or damaged cords may result in electric shocks or cause a fire.

5) Keeping the workplace tidy

A workplace that is out of sorts and unorganized can be a very unsafe site to work in. Make sure all your tools are stacked away and there are no loose wires covering the floor, as it may lead to bad accidents. Ensure that no stray iron nails, pins or crews are lying about. It is also important that your workplace is well lit, with ample lightening. You cannot just depend on natural lightening.

6) Keeping the power tools batteries in shape

Battery-powered and cordless power tools are ideal because of the portability and convenience they offer. They are good choices for both contractors and homeowners. To ensure that your power tools perform efficiency and effectively, you must give attention to their batteries. Keep the batteries fully charged and discharge their power every few weeks for better execution. Do not let unused batteries sit in the power tools for longer periods.

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