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Cordless Power Tools


Inventory Control is something that keeps the management on its toes. Not only it’s important for all types of industry; it’s especially crucial for the construction industry.  It is imperative for a business to assess what it has in its warehouses, keep track of when the stock is running dangerously low and to make arrangements for more stock. Failure to carefully manage inventory can minister adverse effects on any business, regardless of its nature.

Stakes are worse for the service and maintenance industry if inventory is not carefully managed. If the inventory is not managed properly , an organization will have to spend excessively on purchasing spare parts, paying double for urgent overnight shipments which are inevitably going to take a large chunk out of the business’s profitability.

Therefore, it is becoming an imperative for all businesses: to succeed in the competitive industry, they must consider the decision to optimize the spare parts inventory control system. This automatically aids in the running other areas of maintenance operations very smoothly. Fortunately for businesses, inventory control is no longer stressful. Modern computerized maintenance management systems (CMMSs) have enabled inventory management features to easily streamline the entire process.

Optimizing your business’s spare parts inventory control systems can help your business to significantly lower costs, speed up the process, ensure timely delivery and prevent any fraudulent activities that may stir up. It plays a key role in estimating current assets, balance the business accounts and aids in generating accurate financial reporting.  Inventory control ensures that the right balance is kept and maintained of stock you are dealing with.

By exercising a better control over your inventory, your business can provide clients a better experience. Another important advantage of optimization is that the entrepreneurs and the management get a more profound real-time assessment of which product is selling and what is not.

Fastening House Atlantic is your one shop stop solution for all your manufacturing and construction needs.  Members of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia, FHA has devoted nearly three decades of services, working with the most top-notch and reliable manufacturers to give you the best products at the most competitive rates. Working with more than 45 manufacturers, we are devoted to providing you the best services with the service warranty. Our services include inventory control system, site delivery, product training, tools repair and inspection and repair services.

The inventory maintenance systems at FHA are designed to help you with the added advantage of online ordering you don’t have to waste any time commuting. The experienced sales team will serve you in store or on site and deliver within 24 hours in most of the Maritime locations. More than 6 locations around our great country with head office in Vaughan ON, branches in Mississauga, London, Ottawa, Windsor & Dartmouth.

  1. Online orders and doorstep delivery
  2. Direct, accurate, on time delivery, or order pick-up
  3. Short term or long term inventory management systems
  4. Cabinet inventory for use on job sites or warehouses
  5. Unique storage containers and cages


Join our hands today to attain the best products in the marketplace delivered to you promptly in the most affordable and competitive rates.

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