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Fastening House Atlantic > Blog > Recent > Time to Buy New Construction Equipment

Time to Buy New Construction Equipment

Equipment plays a pivotal role in the construction and manufacturing industry. Entrepreneurs and construction managers agree that the sound progress of the construction projects cannot be attained without the right equipment. But getting hands on new machinery is not an easy prospect. It is a long and challenging procedure which requires entrepreneurs and managers to carefully consider a number of short and long-term factors, plus take into account the costs involved.

To proceed with the sound optimization of construction project management, it is essential to carefully consider the potential pros and cons of buying new equipment.

Benefits of buying new equipment:

If an organization has amassed extra money overtime, it is a good idea to invest it into purchasing new equipment. It buys your business couple of advantages.

1. Boosting Safety

A sudden and unpredictable equipment failure exposes workers to great dangers on the construction site. Construction equipment needs to be duly inspected for any damaged or timeworn parts, electrical failures or any other safety deficiencies which can lead to hazards at work. If equipment is unsafe to use, it must be replaced with a new one promptly. New equipment counters any hazardous scenario on the worksite and helps managers stay ahead of the any possible risks.

2. Increased Productivity and Technological Advancement

Use of cutting edge technology and innovative equipment not only increases the overall productivity but opens doors to endless opportunities. Being technologically advanced with equipments gives you a competitive edge over others in the industry. With good equipment in hand you will be able to execute your construction projects with great flexibility and independence.

3. Saving time on Site

With new equipment on the construction site there are less chances of delay in construction. All projects can be run timely and in accordance with the schedule drafted.

4. Selling your used Equipment

If you treat your equipment right, chances are they will always bring you good resell or trade value when you plan on replacing them. Old equipments can always be used to give you some profit back.

Drawbacks to purchase New Equipment:

While there are many advantages to getting newer equipment, it isn’t the most profitable option always. In many cases, renting or leasing equipment can make a better option.

1. Costs

Acquisition of new construction equipment can cost you a lot of money and can take a toll on your budget. If you are able to purchase slightly used or less costly expensive equipment, it may be a better choice than buying new one. It is crucial to examine the financial stance of your business before planning to invest a significant sum of money on new equipment.

2. Long Term Use

It is not advisable to invest in equipment that you will be using for on a short term basis. Invest in new equipment only if you are planning to work on construction projects with a long term perspective. You can consider renting machinery for short term projects.

3. Product and Equipment Training Costs

With the cost of buying new machinery comes the additional cost of training the workers on how to use it. Product and equipment training is long process which requires a lot of time, patience and financial resources. If you are planning to purchase new equipment, the training costs must be estimated too.

4. Storage, Maintenance and Transportation

New equipment gives you a lot of convenience. But it brings with it a lot of responsibility. You will have to take care of a number of other challenging things including storage, maintenance and transportation etc.

5. Frequent updates

Sometimes equipment requires updates overtime which can cost you additional money. If you think you will not be able to afford the updating costs of the machine, you should consider other options like renting them.

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