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Cordless Power Tools
Fastening House Atlantic > Blog > Recent > 9 Ways to Boost Construction Efficiency on Your Projects

9 Ways to Boost Construction Efficiency on Your Projects

As a leading, oldest and the most trusted provider to the construction industry, FHA is concerned about the production efficiency with your projects. Working with more than 45 manufacturers, we are devoted to providing you the best services with the service warranty. Our services include inventory control system, site delivery, product training, tools repair and inspection and repair services.
Over the past decades nearly all the industries have undergone technological evolution, implementing innovative techniques and methodologies to boost their productivity and efficiency except for construction industry. No doubt your construction projects might also be experiencing a lag in both productivity and efficiency.
What are some of the ways through which the construction efficiency on the projects be boosted?

1. Improved Planning

Often nearly all the construction efficiency errors in your projects are made in the planning stage. It is crucial to study your construction plans thoroughly before executing them. The key to improved planning is to devote considerable time picking the team, construction procedures, the right equipment and construction material before you commence the project. Improved planning goes a long way in saving both time and cost.

2. Use of Construction Management Software

Good construction management software enables you to be organized and free from the clutter and hassle of confusing paperwork. It helps you stay focused on the construction and handles the bid management, billing and invoicing, contractors, document management, incident reporting, leads, time sheets, job scheduling and much more.

3. Using Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BMI has taken the construction industry in its advanced-technological stride by allowing you to have a digital visualization of your buildings even before you start building or spending money on its construction. BIM creates a digital representation and even offer important detailing that helps great in carrying out the construction. For instance, BIM tells you about how many occupants go in or out of the building each day, helping you with important calculations, plumbing and electricity setup etc.

4. Listening to your team

The workers and the team spend considerable time on the site and in case of any discrepancy they will perhaps learn about it before you do. It is recommended to listen to the experienced advise of your workers and help them spot holes in your construction plans. Make sure you’re in contact with them daily throughout the project.

5. Invest in training

Training is a very significant aspect in the construction industry that is often ignored. By investing in training your employees you are boosting their efficiency and performance on the construction projects.

6. Improving team communication and coordination

Communication barriers between the team and the project manager always lead to lapse in project efficiency and productivity. By making yourself available to the crew, you will be notified about any issues. It is crucial to get a daily feedback from the project supervisors and the crew onsite.

7. Establishing performance measurements

Performance measurements serve as great motivation to the workers especially when rewards are promised with them. Setting financial rewards such as bonuses and other fringe benefits as a reward for good performances, goes a long way in boosting worker productivity on the site.

8. Implementing prefabrication

An increased use of prefabrication boosts the construction quality while decreasing costs. It’s especially ideal when you’re dealing with a large construction project. Placing an ideal design content for prefabrication right in the beginning of the project can help you boost your construction efficiency greatly.

9. Ensure on site safety

It is crucial for the project managers to ensure that the staff is well aware of workplace safety. Safety and training programs should be initiated to avoid inherent risks and probability of injury at work. Any fatal injury can greatly impact the progress of the project.

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