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Cordless Power Tools
Fastening House Atlantic > Blog > Recent > Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System

Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System

A core integral part of the Members of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia, Fastening House Atlantic has given a lifetime of servitude to the construction and manufacturing industry. Joining hands with 45 big brands, it has reached out to the manufacturers, constructors, entrepreneurs and industrialists by catering to them a broad range of products available under one roof.


Creating, manufacturing and innovating new tools and techniques do not simply complete the mission Milwaukee Tools has embarked upon. The real workmanship core that Milwaukee stresses on is to provide its users; the manufactures, the constructors, the industrialists, the small businesses and the DIY individuals’ great utility and ease in using the tools. For decades Milwaukee has helped you build, innovate, hence prosper by the provision of quality tools and materials that have no match in their performance, productivity and price. The world’s most renowned brand has brought forward many campaigns and promotions to ensure that the rightful products meet their customer’s requirement to the fullest.

Milwaukee wanted to ensure that when hardworking builders, contractors and constructors are out there building and laying the edifice for future, they are not obstructed by barriers of mobility, organization, storage and more.

With a promise of unmatched versatility and undefined durability, Milwaukee Tool has brought out its new PACKOUT Modular Storage System. Being the most competitive and best modular storage system in the industry till now, PACKOUT aims to revolutionize tool transportation, organization and storage for your tools forever. PACKOUT is designed with a mission to vest users with the ability to interchange and interlock a wide assortment of heavy duty tools, organizers and storage totes in a various different configurations.

With PACKOUT, Milwaukee aims to eradicate any mobility and durability constraints that the workforces have to face on a routine basis. It is important for workers to be able to surmount these issues.

The Rolling Tool Box features an industrial-grade extension firm grip and has a 1-65 Rated protection. The metal reinforced locking points and corners ensures the safety and durability of tools placed inside it. The wheels support ease of trans-portability. The Large Tool box has the carrying capacity of up to 100 lbs., with metal reinforced handle for a locking point, corners, handle and trays and an IP65 Rated Protection. The Tool Box has 75 lbs. of carrying capacity with a polymer body and a modular connectivity with all PACKOUT components. Two organizers and tear-resistant, all medal hardware tote bags complete the PACKOUT package.

Milwaukee’s PACKOUT was an initiative the industry was long awaiting and now that is here, we can see this as a big step to bridge the gaps between construction goals and workforce capacity.  It has enabled users to build their own system to cater to their tool needs. Get your PACKOUT now.

Order now and get FREE delivery on all orders, above $199 in USA or Canada. Hurry up, limited stock will sell out soon call 888 421 TOOL (8665) or visit www.fasteninghouseatlantic.com

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