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Cordless Power Tools
Fastening House Atlantic > Blog > Recent > Milwaukee ONE KEY- Unlock the Digital Jobsite

Milwaukee ONE KEY- Unlock the Digital Jobsite

As Members of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia, Fastening House Atlantic has given a lifetime of servitude to the construction and manufacturing industry.

Milwaukee’s broad mission encompasses creating, manufacturing and innovating new tools and techniques, which vests its customers with the power to create even bigger dreams. The company has opened new vistas of hope in the world of technology, construction and improved workmanship by making huge technological leaps unlike any other.

Overseeing and tracking tools and equipment and managing their operation on the job site are daunting tasks many managers have to face on the jobsite from time to time. Milwaukee has attempted to address this challenge by providing managers a reliable means to digitally keep track of things on the jobsite. With this broad goal in mind, Milwaukee recently launched its ONE-KEY™ app, which serves as a complete and vast digital platform for tool and equipment management. It combines a free-to-use inventory program that is equipped with the industry’s smartest tools. ONE-KEY™ aims to give the managers a high level of control over the business’s precious tools and equipment, and it revolutionizes the work done at the job site. It allows managers and facility heads to create a digital catalog of the tools and effectively monitor the transfer and service. It also allows you to share the information in real-time with the team on the field.
ONE-KEY™ is a flexible, cloud based platform designed specifically for tool, equipment, materials, and consumables management.


The can now have the whole stream of information and data regarding your project on just a click of your fingers. You can now capture receipts, enter purchase information, set up service reminders and efficiently assign tools to the team and keep track of them.


You can now manage and track entire projects using just one app. Be it procuring reports on operational or recent cots, running audits on tool on the jobsite and generating history of your tools and products, all can be achieved with ONE-KEY.


What can be the second most difficult task apart from tracking your expensive tools? Keeping a good track of your team at the field and by whom and how the tools are being used to achieve greater productivity. ONE-KEY™ allows you to set boundaries for your crew by setting up complementary guest logs that can be shared with the crew. This gives the manager the power to set permission barriers on what team member can control and what they cannot. By placing a secure code, the guest access can be limited to specific features such as only changing the foot pad custom presets or even just letting them lock or unlock the tool.


Ever thought that you could integrate or in-build tool management directly into your power tools? Milwaukee is the only company that seamlessly integrates the both to help you keep a better track on what is yours!

Joining hands with 45 big brands, it has reached out to the manufacturers, constructors, entrepreneurs and industrialists by catering to them a broad range of products available under one roof.

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