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Cordless Power Tools
Fastening House Atlantic > Blog > Recent > Six Steps for Preventing Job Site Theft

Six Steps for Preventing Job Site Theft

Job site theft is an issue almost all entrepreneurs and employers have to encounter on a regular basis. In fact it’s an epidemic which is rampant throughout the construction industry. And it costs businesses a lot more than they think! It adds a significant total to the direct cost when you acquire the replacements for the stolen goods. It also adds to indirect costs involving insurance premiums, rental costs, missing equipment and more. But most importantly it affects worker productivity and delays in production.

Prevention lies in making all theft possibilities difficult at the construction site. Protect your tools, equipment and construction materials on the job site by following these 6 effective tips.

1) Enforce your theft prevention policy:

The first step towards job site theft prevention is to establish and enforce a theft prevention policy. A theft prevention policy is made to make all employees and subcontractors aware of the pointers, rules and consequences of stealing and represent a zero tolerance policy for such an offense. Inform the local authorities about the work hours during which the employees are not allowed on the site. Also make extra patrols to the site during the hours workers are not supposed to be on the site.

2) Increase lightening during nonworking hours

Thieves are likely to lurk on sites they can’t be easily spotted. Ensure your worksite is well lit during the nonworking hours, is fenced in and has a warning sign which clearly reads, “No Trespassing”. Sites that are well-lit and have good fencing are less likely to become targets for theft. The tools and equipment should be carefully locked with tamper resistant locks and chains.

3) Review your current security plan:

Imagine coming to the construction site to find that a front-loader or any other equipment is missing. This can adversely affect your day from being a productive one. Keep a well maintained inventory log of all materials, tools, equipment and keys, so that at the close of the working day everything is accounted for. The keys should be kept in central and much secured places with a log of who checks them out during the day.

4) Keep detailed records:

Nearly all equipment manufacturers use a standard PIN (product identification number) in their models. You can have the number engraved or beaded over the equipment in both an obvious place and a hidden place so that the equipment can be identified in case of theft. Maintain detailed records of manufacturer, model and PIN of the equipment that you own. You can even take pictures of the equipment for detailed records.

5) Practice effective inventory management

Without an effective inventory control management system it is close to impossible to catch the thief or even know what’s missing in the event of a theft. To boost efficiency and keep a better track of your equipment, inventory management software is ideal. The records on the software should be crossed-referenced with your manual inventory count for better management.

6) Schedule supplies as needed

While it is a good idea to preorder and ensure you are not out of materials and supplies when working on orders, hoarding supplies can invite theft. Always schedule the supplies to be delivered when you need them.

Complying with these steps does not guarantee a business will never have to face theft, but these precautions will in the long run ward off thieves from your job site. Contact Fastening House Atlantic


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